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October Color

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October Color

Teton Country

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Teton Country

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LORETTA L GILLILAND(non-registered)
Pat, Enjoyed your beautiful pictures. Haven't seen them all yet, since I just discovered your web site on the back of your card. Will definitely look at them all. Your dad would have been proud.
Stephen Bruno(non-registered)
Wonderful photography. I enjoyed viewing them!
Michael Nuccio(non-registered)
Hi, cousin! Glad I found your site! I hope you are doing well. My (then new) wife, Robin and I came through your area on our honeymoon in 2008 en route from Prescott (where we had spent the night) to Sedona. We toured Arizona extensively that trip. It was awesome. I had never been to Sedona (that I could remember) and she had never seen the Grand Canyon, so we stopped there, too. There were a lot of firsts for both of us, aside from this being the first marriage as well. Since then, we've been through AZ many more times. We both love the beauty of AZ. We're also both avid Route 66 fans. I look forward to seeing you when we get back in your neck of the woods again and introducing you to Robin. You'll love her. She's wonderful. I've still not been able to justify the price of a DSLR, but I've got a Canon SX30 IS (megazoom) which does pretty well for me. Like you, I prefer landscape photography as well as the old buildings along Route 66. I'd love to show you some of my photos. Shoot me an email some time. We're also both on Facebook. Take care. -Michael
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